Ease back on the yoke and 310 fuel-injected horses leap off the runway, climbing at speeds approaching 1,051 feet per minute (320 mpm) in the turbo model. Level off, trim up and fly at a 178 knots (330 km/h) max cruise - which you command from your plush-leather seat. For extra-long trips, the Stationair can stay aloft for nearly seven hours at long-range cruise settings. No wonder it's the flexible favorite of freight haulers, law enforcers and business leaders. Not to mention pilots counting on the day-in, day-out ability to transport the entire family and more. Whatever your line of work or play, we've got your high-performer right here.

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ATHERTON is Cessna Authorized Service Facility (ASF) in India. Our Aviation department is supported by Cessna through their network and we are giving excellent support to our customers. We are CAR 145 Maintenance Organisation approved by DGCA, Government of India... Know More