Corvalis TT

Corvalis TT

Leave the runway at 1,400 vertical feet per minute (427 mpm). Climb to 25,000 feet (7,620 m). Cruise at 235 confident knots (435 km/h). Nothing releases a pilot's passion for flight like the Corvalis TT, the world's fastest fixed- gear aircraft. Yet it's more than mere blistering speed that makes the Corvalis TT such a pleasure to fly. There's the sophisticated, stylish cabin, glass cockpit and side-stick control. Not to mention, the head-turning gorgeous looks.

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ATHERTON is Cessna Authorized Service Facility (ASF) in India. Our Aviation department is supported by Cessna through their network and we are giving excellent support to our customers. We are CAR 145 Maintenance Organisation approved by DGCA, Government of India... Know More